Floor design and decor with porcelain tiles or slabs

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Along with the rapid development of the building materials industry in the country. The cobblestone market is also gradually becoming saturated. But not so that granite tile line loses its position. Because the characteristics of Granite tiles have always been exploited by this brand to produce increasingly quality products.

Materials and processes create the preeminent properties of granite tiles

The characteristics of granite tiles are always appreciated and highly trusted by consumers. To make a product of such good quality and high applicability. has done a great job in selecting raw materials. In addition to investing heavily in production technology lines. 

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The main aggregate to produce granite tiles is 70% stone powder and 30% clay and additives. takes all raw materials from the natural "source". It is then placed on a modern production line in a factory with a safe treatment system. At the screening stage, the mixtures are carefully refined, ensuring that heavy metals are clean. Therefore, when the product reaches the user, it will no longer contain harmful impurities. Guarantee absolute safety for the health of users.


wooden porcelain tiles manufacturer


The aggregate is then finely ground and goes through stages of color mixing, powder drying, and press formation. With granite tiles, the production is based on natural stone powder technology.

To achieve a worldwide initiative situation in glazed porcelain tiles manufacturer and production and conveyance of excellent vitrified tiles. Our vision guides us to buckle down on the plan, item life, and quality to ensure that clients. 

Comply with ISO 14001 green technology standard. All tiles are a homogeneous block of raw materials. So the color of the surface with the color of the skeleton should be the same.





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Features of granite tiles
line of granite tiles is favored by many families and architectural designers. Because there are many designs, different sizes suitable for the characteristics of many projects. Above all, the characteristic of granite tiles is the main factor that makes the product reliable.

As mentioned above, granite tiles are made up of 70% stone powder material. Thanks to that, the created product has a great hardness. In addition, it is compressed with modern technical equipment and heated to standard temperatures. So the tiles structure is dense, capillary pores do not appear.

As a result, this type of tiles has a good bearing capacity. The hardness of the tiles can withstand all impacts, large and small. Auxiliary tiles can be built on sites with high volume of traffic and heavy loads. Or places directly affected by the environment.


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